The Last Minute

Homesick is my first born. Take a look how i’m grown. Nothing from me but the highest respect is do the best for them

We’re in one. As brothers, sisters. Come as you are Y’ all my siblings

From home to home I live it up, live with them Even living single The bliss is my destination

This is my home and there too Yearn for home My birthplace The womb of my first and the end of life

Desember gonna be wild. If y’all are in silence without yearning It’s creazy

Great to meet you I’ma have to sit on your lap from here on out Cause you’re the absolute truth.

Ende Sare 23/11/2017

James Tafuli


Dialogue as the Form of Proclaiming the Word of God

(James Tafuli)

Book. : Verbum SVD
Date. : Vasciculus 2, Volumen 46 2005
Pages : 151 – 159
Writer: Philip Gibbs, SVD. (Born
1947 in Lower Hutt, New
Zealand. He studied at
Canterbury University in NZ, Sydney University).

Summarising the paper of Philips Gibbs, SVD entitle: “IT’S IN THE BLOOD” : DIALOGUE WITH PRIMAL RELIGION IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

Philips Gibbs, SVD is amissionary who placed him in Papua New Guinea for undertaking and proclaim the word of God. Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the east of Australia continent. So the new mission place in PNG.

The firstly, Philip Gibbs, SVD came to PNG in 1973 and did his pastoral misnistry in Porgera, Par and Wabag in the Euga povince.

PNG is a place that has faith-culture. So the presence of Philip so meaningfull to make changeover.

Philip said that so many article that writen about intereligious dialogue particularly between major world religion. Therefore in PNG people accepted christianity in antusiasm. They had enourmosly desire of christian spirituality. The religion practical emerge by the traditional religion.

Althoug their comprehenssion so narowly but Philip success or attainable successfull. To unchain cultural religion need long proccess.

So, they were took by Philip by knowing characteristic each other, took them to defferance of enviroment and untill cultural religion. They were prepared for recieving the gospel of God. Their cultural religion is mixed by christian spirituality till eucharist or the mass in christian catholic church.

Come As You Are

Really. . . .

I love you as you are

I love you. with my whole heart with my whole mind with my whole strength with my whole soul

Nothing else besides you come as you are

I love you as you are without mathematics consideration without morality consideration without humanity consideration without art consideration

Come as you are as at the begining of creation

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